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How can I apply to a program?

Just complete the short application form on the bottom of each program page to start the application process. We will contact you with the next steps. 

How can I get a proof of enrollment letter for my student visa?

If you need a visa and can not travel on a visa waiver or tourist visa, we are here to help you. You first need to apply to a program and be accepted. Then we inform you of the total cost of the program and what deposit or fees need to be paid before the visa letter is sent out. Once we have all the information and you have paid any deposit or fees that are required, we will send you the letter for your visa.

How do I know which program to choose?

Everyone's situation is different. If you are a college student you would probably want to earn college credit on a study abroad program. If you want to improve your language skills then you probably want a language program. If you would like to build work experience then you may want to add an internship. If you would like to give something back to society and improve your qualifications you may want to add some volunteering. The choice is yours and we are here to help you! Just email us your questions in the form below. 

How can I pay the application fee and the program fee?

We offer several options: By check in USD, by Pay Pal and by credit card in any currency

What is the refund policy?

After you have been accepted to a program we will let you know when your final payment is due and the exact refund policies of the program you have chosen. Normally there is no refund after the program has begun.

I am a college student and receive financial aid. How do I use it to study abroad? 

First you apply to our program and have it approved by your college or university. Your institution will continue to administer your financial aid while you study abroad. We normally sign a consortium agreement with your school to certify your enrollment and allow your aid to continue as you study abroad.

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